Samsung HLS4666W

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Introducing the new Samsung HLS4666W 46” widescreen projections TV with an amazing blend of technology and style. Samsung HLS4666W is fully loaded with many useful and amazing features.

Samsung HLS4666W has an ultimate HDTV experience and ha a resolution of 1280*720 pixels. It has a very sharp picture quality in variety of colors. It also has a contrasting ratio of 2500:1. The images are of very high standards and resolution of a very good quality which helps in bringing lively effect.

Samsung HLS4666W also has a DNIe video technology with helps to enhance the quality of the video. It also has a game mode and has 2 input connections for HDMI. It has a brilliant color facility which provides a good brightness.    

Samsung HLS4666W also has the provision of 2 s-video USB 1.1 input drive. It also has 2 audio outputs. The approximate price of this television is $1399. The price varies form dealer to dealer.

Samsung HLS4666W is ideal gamming as it provides fast action video. To all you gamers you can experience a good experience and it provides an excellent picture quality for XBOX 360.  

The screen aspect of Samsung HLS4666W is 16:9. It has 16.77 million displayable colors. Samsung HLS4666W has built-in speakers. The dimension of Samsung HLS4666W is 42.8”*32”*13.4”. It has a built-in analog/digital tuner.

It is light weight and has a floating-screen and its operations are not at all noisy. There is also no burn-in or uneven screen aging and it also has a true sound booster.

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