Samsung HLS4265W

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Introducing the Samsung HLS4265W with an amazing 42” Widescreen DLP TV with lots of amazing features and with an amazing HDTV experience. Samsung is the leader for its efficiency service in DLP technology. Samsung HLS4265W has a brilliant Color technology and also has a provision of a faster colorwheel. 

 Samsung HLS4265W has very thin bezel which is black in color. It has a contrasting ratio of up to 2500:1. Samsung HLS4265W comes with a floating screen which gives an lively effect. It is also light in weight which makes it portable and it can be easily moved/shifted anywhere.  

 Samsung HLS4265W comes with a built-in analog/digital tuner. You can experience clear picture experience as Samsung HLS4265W comes with a Single panel digital micro-mirror device which adds to the sharpness of the picture. Samsung HLS4265W has outstanding colors and deep black levels.

 Brightness of Samsung HLS4265W can be adjusted and with the help of Bright color the over all color intensity is improved. Samsung HLS4265W provides you with undertone-quite operations. Samsung HLS4265W comes with a Samsung DNIe technology which helps to enhance the video quality.

 Samsung HLS4265W comes with an amazing 1280*720 digital format converter which is suitable for all types of input. Samsung HLS4265W also has the providing of game mode. It has an audio wattage of 10w and has 2 outputs. It also comes with a PC input and it has in all 5-video inputs. It also has 2 component video inputs.

The Samsung technology ensures that there is no burning of the images.

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