Samsung HL-S5088W 50 in. HDTV Television:

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The Samsung HL-S5088W is a high definition television, which uses the DLP technology and has screen size of 50 inches when measured diagonally. The native display resolution offered by the set is 1080p that has a vertical resolution of 1920 pixels and a horizontal resolution of 1080 pixels. This is the highest possible resolution available today. This means that the television set can accept all input resolutions upto 1080p with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The set is equipped with both NTSC as well as ATSC tuners. The widescreen design of the set makes it look very elegant. The cabinet has been given a glossy black finish and has a very thin bezel. The set uses a 5 segment color wheel to produce vivid and natural colors.
The dimensions of the Samsung HL-S5088W are 45.4 inches in height, 32.3 inches in width and 15.6 inches in depth. The set tips the scales at 65 pounds, which is more than reasonable if you consider the screen size. The set has been equipped with a couple of built in speakers, which give a total output of 20 watts (10 X 2) which helps the audio quality keep up with the excellent video quality. The inclusion of the of the three line digital comb filter helps in reducing the digital noise if any. The remote is universal and is quite handy although it lacks backlighting which will have many users groping about to find the right buttons especially in the dark.
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