Safety tips to keep your DLP projector running properly

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  • Shelagh M.
  • 12 years ago

Keep your DLP projector in good shapeYour DLP projector will give you many hours of operation with a crisp, clear picture.

Here are some basic tips to keep your projector in top condition so it can continue to perform for you.

  • Read the manual. It’s filled with helpful tips on how to operate your projector.
  • Always – remove the lens cap and open the shitter when the projector has been turned on.
  • Use a power bar, surge protector or power stabilizer to prevent any electrical surges from ruining the projector. The projector is designed to operate between 100 to 240 volts AC.
  • Make the projector has plenty of room. Never block the projection lens vents with objects. This can cause the objects to melt or even catch fire since the projector operates under high heat.
  • Never cover it with a blanket or cloth when it’s operating. Never place the projector on a blanket or soft service, particularly one that can melt.
  • Make sure the projector is on stable table or stand. If the projector falls it could be badly damaged.
  • Always operate the projector on a level horizontal surface. If the projector is not fully horizontal this may cause damage to the lamp. Don’t tilt at more that an 10 degree angle left to right nor at an angle more than 15 degrees front to back.
  • Allow at least 50 cm clearance from walls and a free flow of air around the projector.
  • Do not stand the projector on end vertically. It can fall over and damage the projector and cause injury
  • Use a proper kit to install the projector from the ceiling.
  • The heated air and slight odor from the projector is normal when it starts running.
  • Avoid looking into the projector lens when it’s in operation. The intense beam from the light can damage your eyes.
  • Keep the air filters clean of dust and debris. Since the lamp operates under high heat, there is an inside fan that cools off the projector. When the air filters and vents are blocked the projector can overheat and cause the lamp to explode.
  • If the lamp becomes extremely hot, the warning sign will come on. Consult your manual for the exact warning color and indicator. Allow it to cool for 45 minutes before operating it again.
  • Change the projector lamp immediately when it has reached end of life. You’ll see warning messages on screen and the Lamp Indicator will start blinking. Never operate with a lamp that is finished. This can damaged your projector beyond repair.
  • Always unplug the projector before replacing the lamp, cleaning the filters or replacing any other electronic components.
  • Remove only the lamp cover to replace the lamp. Do not attempt to take the cover off any other parts of the projector as you could come in contact with live electrical parts with dangerous high voltages. Take your projector into a qualified service repair technician for maintenance.
  • Do not store the projector where it will be subject to high temperatures above 40°C / 104°F, excessive humidity, dust or smoke, near fire alarms or in locations where the altitudes are higher than 3000 m (10000 feet). 12.

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