Sony KDS-60A2000 SXRD HDTV

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Much easier on the wallet is the first description of the Sony KDS-60A2000 SXRD that I can provide to catch the readers attention. This 60-inch 1080p model is somewhere about $325 cheaper than the last 50-inch model. Even then compared with the $3500+ price tag the decrement in price is still a small one which may lead you to feel a little pinch. Sony however does not seem to have made any changes or reduced any services to compensate for the decline in price. 
The maximum resolution offered is of 1360 X 768. The black levels are amazingly low and the TV provides a much better contrast compared to the earlier versions. The colour point s of the Sony KDS-60A2000 SXRD are off and are certainly not accurate. The detail level is very disappointing in spite of the provision of the provision of a digital enhancer and the edge enhancer. A 1080p input has been included in the Sony KDS-60A2000 SXRD which is a very welcome addition. 

The menus and their operations remain quite similar to the earlier versions. There are a various number of added adjustments which can be made through the menus. Noise reduction level can also be adjusted through the menus. The remote is much bigger than the earlier ones provided by Sony. Backlight buttons are missing. The placements of the channel and volume buttons make them considerably hard to reach from your normal hand position. A cable slot is also absent in this version.

All in all the Sony KDS-60A2000 SXRD is not such a bad deal.

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