Samsung HL-T5687S 56” Rear Projection HDTV:

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The Samsung HL-T5687S is a 56” high definition television using the DLP technology. This set is among the least expensive LED powered DLP rear projection television sets. Shaving off the borders of the screen and making the bezel as small as possible does seem to trend which is growing rapidly and Samsung does not seem to be too far behind with the distance from the screen to the edge of the cabinet measuring just a 3/4th of an inch. The cabinet of the set is glossy black except for the blue lighting, which can be turned off, and the silver Samsung logo.

Overall the Samsung HL-T5687S delivers excellent picture quality compared with its predecessors. The dimensions of the set are 50.4 X 34.9 X 14 inches (W X H X D) and tips the scales at 69 pounds. Even though the depth of the set cannot be compared to the depth of a few JVC sets, it is quite commendable when compared with Samsung’s previous models. Instead of a single light source, the set uses three LED’s one each for red, blue and green color production.  

Cavities at the bottom of the cabinet are used to hide the built in speakers. The Samsung HL-T5687S offers a full display resolution of 1980 X 1080 at 1080p. the set offers excellent black levels with a very clean picture while maintaining a high contrast ratio and is definitely a good option if you want to avoid spending more on a plasma.

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