Samsung HL-S5686W 56 in. HDTV Television:

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The Samsung HL-S5686W is a high definition television set that uses the DLP technology and has a screen size of 56 inches when measured diagonally. The native display resolution offered by the set is 720p that has a vertical resolution of 1280 pixels and a horizontal resolution of 720p. However, the set supports all input resolutions upto 1080i. This means that all input resolutions apart from 720p are either up converted or down converted to fit the native display resolution. The cabinet has been kept fairly simple and can even be called modest. It is primarily glossy black apart from a silver line on the front side just below the screen.

The use of the DLP technology and Brilliant Color technology helps the set produce extremely sharp images with high clarity. The set produces rich and deep colors with high contrast levels to produce a stunning picture. The Samsung HL-S5686W is equipped with both the ATSC as well as the NTSC tuners. The universal remote that comes with the set is quite handy although it lacks backlighting which may be a cause of concern to those users who like to watch the television in the dark. The dimensions of the set are 50.9 inches in width, 35.7 inches in height and 16.3 inches in depth. The set tips the weigh scale at a measly 69.4 pounds, which is certainly worth a lot of praise.

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