Samsung HLS5086W 50” DLP TV

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The Samsung HLS5087W is a rear projection TVand one of the best technologies. It is a display of 50″ widescreen diagonal size with a resolution of 1920x1080p and a contrast ratio of 10,000:1. Samsung’s HLS5087W have a 10-bit processing system with a 5-segment color wheel that improves the viewing experience on the screen. It produces a picture with invisible pixel structure and precise shading and improved low-light detail. It features a hidden speaker with thin edge design and has a USB port. The design and performance of this TV is quite simple, effective and quite impressive.
The connectivity options provided in Samsung HLS5086W 50” DLP TV are Composite video/audio input (1 set), USB (1 set), HDMI (2 set), VGA input (1 set), Audio line-in (1 set), S-Video input (2 set). The dimensions of Samsung HLS5086W is width 45.4”, height 32.3” and depth 15.6” with the additional features of Automatic blue screen, Video noise reduction, 3:2 pulldown compensation, Auto clock set, JPEG photo playback, DNIe (Digital Natural Image engine) which guarantees the most genuine colors and highest contrast eradicating digital artifacts. The Universal Remote Control allows operating the TV, Tuner/Receiver, DVD and VCR.
The Samsung HLS5087W also provides whisper-quiet operation and magnificent color boosts with good color intensity. It has a single compact, lightweight design panel digital micro-mirror device (DMD) design with hidden speaker. The Samsung HLS5087W Lamp Life is around 5,000 hours and the DLP chip is very fast and provides a crisp, brilliant picture with rich colors.

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