Samsung HLS5065W 50” DLP TV

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The Samsung HLS5065W is a 50″ (127 cm) Diagonal widescreen DLP TV that features the “floatingscreen” cabinet design. It is compact and lightweight, and provides with an astounding HDTV experience. Samsung produced the discovery that produces razor-sharp pictures of the resolution 1280x720p. Samsung’s HL-S5065W uses the advanced Brilliant Color technology that gives natural and superb color. Besides the important factor to consider is the contrast ratio, which is 2,500:1, that captures blackest and sharper white details. In addition, it has a larger and faster colorwheel that is the heart of the DLP color system.

The two major areas like reduction in highest resolution and substantial drop in contrast ratio have led to the cost cutting. The connectivity options provided in Samsung HLS5065W 50” DLP TV are HDMI (2 sets), S-Video (2 sets), Component (HDTV) (2 sets), AV in (2 rear and 1 side), RF in (1 rear), PC in (1 rear) and PC audio in (1 rear). The dimensions are (W x H x D) 99.8cm x 75.4cm x 33.0cm without stand or speakers. The most fascinating feature of Samsung HLS5065W 50” DLP TV is the ultra fast DLP chip that enhances the performance. This chip gives the fastest video performance from any HDTV.

It is Samsung’s marketing style to provide diversity in the choices of HDTV at different prices. You can check out the cost after viewing the difference in the picture quality while shopping. Before you buy make sure you compare Samsung HLS5065W 50” DLP TV to get the best deal.

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