Sony KDFE55A20 55" LCD Rear Projection Television

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The Sony KDFE55A20 is a 55” rear projection TV using LCD technology. It provides true cinema experience right in your living room. The set has a native resolution of 1366 X 768 at an aspect ratio of 16:9. The set weighs in at 92.5 pounds which is 42 Kgs and is slightly more than 19” (19 3/8” to be exact). This does not score the set many points in comparison to other sets of the same size. The set though makes up for the loss with an exquisitely designed cabinet. The cabinet is black and extremely thin and compact. The Sony KDFE55A20 uses a three LCD chip system which uses three different LCD chips to provide brighter picture with intense and vibrant colors. The set uses the Sony’s WEGA engine system which delivers excellent quality pictures from any input device by stabilizing the input signals and minimizing the signal deterioration. The digital reality creation feature doubles the vertical and horizontal lines resulting in four times the better picture for good quality sources such a the DVD. The CineMotion feature uses reverse 3:2 pull down technology which gives smoother picture while playing movies or videos.
The set is digital cable ready which includes a Cable Card slot making it easier for the viewer to digital cable TV from a cable TV provider without the need of buying different set top boxes. The speakers attached to the set inside the cabinet are nearly invisible and have surround sound capabilities. The speakers give a total output of 24 watts and also have Dolby Digital features. is among the nation’s largest plasma and LCD TVs replacement parts providers. If you need replacement PCBs, remotes, outer cases, stands, or anything else related to Plasma and LCD TV’s, visit

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