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The RCA HDLP61W151 is a 61” (diagonal) TV using DLP technology. The native resolution of the set is 1280 X 720 at 1080i. Strangely the set does not support external signals at 720p. The cabinet of the set has been exquisitely designed and is perhaps the best of the lot. The silver base with the black panel is a fantastic combination. The panel is extremely thin which makes the set look smaller. The buttons are fitted with small blue lights which can be turned on or off as you prefer. The remote too has been given a touch of class. It has been shrunk to make it fit comfortably into your hands and has been fitted with backlights on all the important buttons.

The set is basically extremely bright. It does seem to be an excellent choice for those who do a lot of viewing in the afternoon or with a lot of lights on. This TV is certainly not a good choice for watching movies in the dark. The high brightness however did not lead to the set having decent black levels. The color saturation or let me state it as undersaturation does not seem to be the factor leading to high light output. Some viewers did prefer the undersaturation to the oversaturated look of the other TV’s. Although the RCA HDLP61W151 does attract comments such as it is too washed out.

The RCA HDLP61W151is priced at somewhere around $4000 which is really not all that bad.  

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