RCA HD61LPW165 Rear Projection TV

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With a screen size of 61” measured diagonally the RCA HD61LPW165 is a huge TV set having an average display quality. Despite the screen size the set has a depth of just 19.8” which is quite commendable. The set uses DLP technology which gives the viewer superior image quality without the presence of defects such as screen door effect, image burn-in etc. which are found in other technologies.

The set offers a native resolution of 1280 X 786 with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The set has wide viewing angles of 80 degrees horizontal and 20 degrees vertical. The RCA HD61LPW165 is a very bright TV set which does seem to be a slight drawback which RCA do not seem to have been able to conquer. The light output levels are incredible high which makes the set ideal for afternoon viewing as the light entering the room tends to reduce the brightness. This set is also good for viewing with a lot of ambient lighting in the room. This TV is certainly not the best option if you like to watch with the lights off.

The black levels too are not too good inspite of the high brightness. The colors are too undersaturated and almost gives a washed off look to the screen. Although that is best left upto the user as some do prefer the undersaturated look to the oversaturated look of most other TV sets.

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