RCA HD50LPW165 Rear Projection TV

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This RPTV from RCA looks to have found its mark with some brilliant performance making it an excellent choice. The RCA HD50LPW165 uses DLP technology and has a screen size of 61” (diagonal) with a depth of just 16” which makes it extremely thin. This allows it to be fitted even in small areas unlike some of the really big sets.

The native resolution offered by the set is 1280 X 786 with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The set also pack in internal front speakers which deliver a total power output of 40 watts along with a surround sound effect. The set is also cable ready with a Cable Card slot and an integrated high definition tuner. This makes it easier to attach the cable connection and eliminates the hassles and the costs of going for additional set top boxes. The RCA HD50LPW165 also provides considerably wide viewing angles of 80 degrees horizontal and 20 degrees vertical.

The RCA HD50LPW165 produces images with precision and high color depth. The contrast ratios produced by the set are simply astounding. The brightness, the gradation and the detail level too is spectacular. As the set uses DLP technology the problems like image burn in or the screen door effect can be avoided. The set also allows the user to view multiple channels at the same time using the picture in picture mode. 

Onscreen displays are available in three languages which are English, French and Spanish. The menu system of the set is fairly easy to use.

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