Factory Original Lamps / Bulb For your RCA Scenium DLP TV, P/N: 265866, 265919, 269343, 270414, 271326

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If you need a lamp for your RCA Scenium, part number: 265866, 265919, 269343, 270414, 271326, 260962, or any other RCA DLP TV lamp, visit Discount-Merchant.com for the best price online or click on this link.
In most cases, your RCA Scenium is powered by a 120W UHP (Ultra High Performance) lamp manufactured by Philips. There is a chance that you have an OSRAM lamp if your enclosure says “Type-B” on it. It is FixYourDLP.com’s suggestion to replace your lamp with Philips branded bulbs only. Philips is the innovator of UHP technology and these lamps are the most sophisticated and reliable lamps available on the marketplace. If you have an OSRAM lamp and it is less than two years old, you’re probably already know the OSRAM lamp are not so great.
Trust Philips, UHP innovators and worldwide leader in the R&D and production of UHP Lamps…it doesn’t make sense to use a cheap aftermarket brand as they always cost you more in the long run! If your lamp is Philips, do not replace it
with a OSRAM, LTI, or other generic manufactured units. Now for your viewing pleasure, here is what your ORIGINAL TV lamp looks like 😉 Click on each image for a high resolution photo.

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