LG 42LB5D 42 inch LCD TV

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The LG 42LB5D is a 42 inch TV set which uses the LCD technology. On paper LG seems to be getting many of the things right in terms of features although this effect does not translate into performance. They have included the HDMI 1.3 and made the set 1080p capable with a very fast response time. Yet it struggles a bit when it comes to performance which has the users feeling a bit let down.

The depth of the set is a mere 3 ½ inches, which is quite creditable and gives the plasmas a run for their money. The plasmas offer better picture quality than most LCD’s but also are a lot costlier. As said above the set has a full display resolution of 1080p i.e. 1920 by 1080 which is the highest resolution available today and so is the HDMI 1.3. The response time is extremely fast in the region of 5 ms and is one of the fastest today.

To say the least the menu system is pathetic and quite tedious. Even for the smallest of tasks the user has to go hunting through the menu systems. Most of the inputs are on the backside of the set while a few of them are located on the side for easy access. The provision of the USB input enables the user to attach external media devices to view photos or videos or listen to audio files directly from the device.

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