JVC LT-37X987 37 inch LCD HDTV

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The JVC LT-37X987 is a high definition television using the LCD technology. The first noticeable change (or feature as some may prefer to call it) is the effort that JVC have put-in in a bid to reduce the motion blur and to good effect too. it must be said though that JVC have not made the most of their superior technology.

The native resolution of the set is 1366 by 768. Although this resolution may not be the best with 1080p being the norm, for a 37 inch screen size having 1080p would not have been much of an advantage. The set also has a PC input which gives a maximum resolution of 1024 by 768 which should plenty of gamer’s screaming. The light output and the contrast ratio were reasonable for an LCD. These two factors resulted in the set producing deep black levels. JVC, though, will have a bit of work to do as far as the grayscale tracking is concerned. Even then the picture did not appear as bad as the measurements of the grayscale. The detail levels are very high and are better than most of the LCD televisions.

The remote is the standard JVC, having plenty of controls (53 to be precise) and yet just four of them are backlit. Ironically these four buttons are the ones that can be easily distinguished even in the dark. Can’t figure this one out!

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