Part 3: Troubleshooting HDMI connection to your 620 Mitsubishi home cinema

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If you are having trouble with any of your HDMI connected devices to your 620 Mitsubishi home cinema, check some of the following settings.

This is part three of replacing the 620 Mitsubishi home cinema. Be sure to read:

Mitsubishi_series_642_RPTV_HDMI_cablesChecking HDMI Receiver and Connected Devices

  • Make sure your device has been enabled (see Part 2: Connecting HDMI devices to your 620 Mitsubishi home cinema)
  • Power on the HDMI device you wish to connect to  the A/V receiver (disc player, cable box, or satellite receiver). Stop anything from playing.
  • Select the device’s HDMI input on the A/V receiver’s front panel controls or remote control.
  • Connect the device to the A/V receiver with an HDMI cable.
  • When the TV detects the connection, the New Device Found screen will appear.
  • If the TV is unable to detect the device, either the device’s CEC capability is not enabled or the device is not CEC compatible.
  • Use the device’s menus to enable HDMI controls If you can’t see the menu, temporarily connect the device to the TV to see the device’s menu.


  • Highlight On and press ENTER to add a check.
  • Highlight EXIT and press ENTER to close the New Device Found screen.

Optional: Connect the TV’s DIGITAL AUDIO OUTPUT to an input on the A/V receiver. Use this additional connection if:

  • You want the ability to switch between the A/V receiver speakers and the TV speakers.
  • You want to use the A/V receiver to listen to devices connected to the TV only, e.g. camcorder.

Resolving CEC Conflicts

No two manufacturers select which CEC functions to support so some conflicts may arise. To control conflicts:

  • Turn off TV control of an individual CEC-enabled device.
  • Turn off CEC in the device itself.

Turning Off the TV’s HDMI Control of a CEC Device

  • Press MENU on the TV remote control.
  • Scroll over to highlight Inputs.
  • Scroll down to HDMI Control.
  • Scroll to the device name and press ENTER to select
  • Select OFF to turn off the TV’s ability to control the device.
  • Press EXIT to clear the menu.

Removing an HDMI Device


  • Power off the device.
  • Disconnect the HDMI cable.
  • Press MENU on the TV remote control to enter the TV main menu.
  • Scroll over to Inputs choice.
  • Scroll down to choose Name of the device
  • Highlight the HDMI input name.
  • Press ENTER to select Delete.
  • Press EXIT to clear the menus.

Using HDMI Control

As an example of using HDMI Control, press PLAY on the device itself to:

  • Power on the TV
  • Switch to the device (no need to display the Input Selection menu)
  • Begin play of the device

Direct Keys

Mitsubishi_series_642_RPTV_HDMI_Direct_KeysTest your equipment with the TV’s remote control to find additional supported commands:

  • CEC-enabled VCR, DVD, and DVR functions will be shown on the chart.
  • If you have a CEC-enabled A/V receiver, connected CEC-enabled devices connected can be selected from the TV’s Input Selection menu.
  • Try the VOL, MUTE, and menu-navigation keys to control the device.

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