JVC HD-56G786 56-inch HDTV:

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The JVC HD-56G786 is a high definition television having a 56 inch screen size and uses JVC’s D-ILA (direct-drive image light amplifier) technology. The set can deliver high definition content from almost any source such as the satellite, cable TV or the antenna. D-ILA is a relatively new technology and is JVC’s name for the LCOS. D-ILA is more of an intermediate technology between the LCD and the DLP. 

The set offers excellent contrast with high level of detail and rich colors. The dimensions of the set are 52 inches in width, just over 38 inches in height and 17 ½ inches in depth. The weight of the set is 92 pounds which makes the installation easier. The native resolution of the JVC HD-56G786 is 1280 X 720 which is enough to display all the input signals at 720p. Any input contents which have a resolution of more than 720p are scaled to fit the available pixels.

A couple of internal speakers are used to provide quality audio output and deliver a total output of 20 watts (10 X 2). The set offers excellent high definition picture. The fully illuminated remote makes it very easy to use in the dark without having to grope about for the right buttons. The set is equipped with a single tuner card for picture in picture capabilities. JVC also packs in plenty of other input interfaces which help the user connect other devices to the set.

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