Quick tips for installing a new projector lamp

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  • Shelagh M.
  • 9 years ago

change_lampMost DLP projectors have been designed for easy replacement of the projector lamp.

To make replacing the projector lamp go smoothly, follow these quick tips.

  • Always watch for the warning lights on the projector. Many models will display an on screen message about it being time to replace the projector lamp. Don’t wait. Pushing a projector lamp beyond its lifespan can cause it to explode inside the projector.
  • If your projector is mounted on the ceiling, take extra precaution when opening up the cover. Don’t stand directly underneath in case there are broken pieces of glass inside. If the projector lamp has exploded then you absolutely must take it down from the ceiling mount, do a proper mercury removal and replace the lamp. Read what to do if your lamp explodes.
  • Have your replacement lamp ready to be installed. Always buy authentic even the price for a counterfeit seems too tempting. You don’t save any money in the end with counterfeits and they can actually ruin your projector.
  • Unplug the projector completely from the power source.
  • Stay patient and let the projector cool down. If it’s been operating, this can take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. All DLP projectors operate under tremendous heat and you run the risk of a severe burn if you don’t wait for everything to cool down. Only replace the projector lamp when the projector is cool to the touch.
  • Always recycle your projector lamp. Because they contain mercury, these lamps can’t be thrown into conventional garbage and need to be recycled properly. Visit recycleyourlamp.com for more information.
  • Treat the lamp gently. Dropping it or forcing it into the projector can cause enough damage that the lamp won’t work.
  • Avoid touching the actual bulb in the lamp. The oil from your fingertips will start to burn once the projector heats up creating black marks that show up on the screen.
  • Be sure to secure all screws on the lamp and projector cover. You want the screws to be tight but not too tight since that can cause the projector to shut down. Likewise if the screws are too loose, the projector will not turn on.
  • Always reset the lamp timer after replacing the projector lamp. The lamp timer tracks the usage and how many hours are left but when it also signals the projector that a new lamp has been installed. Without the lamp timer being reset, the projector will think it’s still the old lamp that has reached end of life and will not turn on.
  • If you are experiencing trouble, visit our manual section where up can check up the troubleshooting section. You can also join our forum to talk with our large community of experts

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