Home theater projectors vs flat screen TVs

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Which is better a home theater projector or flat screen TV?

It turns out size does make a difference when it comes to your home theater. As we move into 3D viewing, the difference between a projector and flat screen TV is even more noticeable. A projector with similar specs to a flat screen TV will share the same clear and crisp image but the difference is the size of that image.
home_theater_screenProjectors have a bigger image that can be anywhere from double to quadruple the size of a flat screen TV for about the same price or even less.
Compare the difference between a projector’s 120-inch HD display to a flat screen 60-inch display. It’s obvious the larger screen is going to create a more immersive viewing experience with more lifelike colors and details.
Since a projector is easier to move, your home theater is also easier to set up.  It’s lighter and less fragile than a flat screen TV, which can be bulky and difficult to transport. Another bonus to the projector with a screen is its portability. Projectors and screens can be moved from room to room or even outdoors.
Set up is a simple and for a more sophisticated viewing you can easily install your projector on the ceiling. Flat screen TVs, particularly the plasma model usually require a technician for installation and once installed are usually not moved. Unlike the fixed size of the flat screen TV, a projector’s screen size can be adjusted to fit your environment.
A projector home theater wins hands-down over the flat screen tv.

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