Install a replacement Canon LV-7355 projector lamp

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How to replace the Canon LV-7355 projector lamp

Canon_LV7350_projector_lamp_LV-LP11_warningWhen it’s time to replace the Canon LV-7355 projector lamp the LAMP REPLACE indicator will light yellow.
Other indicators may include a faded picture or a poor coloring. Replace the lamp immediately

Invest in authentic

Be sure to always install an authentic Canon LV-7355 projector lamp. Avoid counterfeits — even if the price seems like a great deal. They will cost you more in the long run. Reasons to avoid them:

Find this lamp on Amazon sold by these authorized dealers:

Install the projector lamp

Your Canon LV-7355 projector uses the Canon LV-LP11 projector lamp.
NOTE: The Canon LV-LP11 contains mercury and should be properly recycled. Don’t throw it into regular garbage.

  • Unplug the electrical cord on the Canon LV-7355 so there is no chance the projector could get turned on during the installation.
  • The Canon LV-7355 operates under high temperatures so give it at least one hour to cool down before opening the projector to change the projector lamp.
  • Place on a padded surface and turn the projector upside down
  • Loosen the screw holding the lamp cover in place


  • Loosen the three screws holding the Canon LV-LP11 projector lamp cover in place.
  • Using the handle pull outthe Canon LV-LP11 projector lamp assembly
  • Replace the lamp assembly with a new Canon LV-LP11 projector lamp. Be careful not to touch the actual bulb as oil from your fingers can leave black marks on the lamp. Tighten the screws on the new lamp.
  • Replace the lamp cover and tighten the screw.

Resetting the lamp timer counter

After replacing the Canon LV-7355 projector lamp, you’ll need to reset the lamp so the projector can accurately track the hours left.
Canon_LV7350_projector_lamp_LV-LP11_reset_lamp timer

  • Turn the projector on
  • Press MENU button and ON-SCREEN MENU will appear.
  • Press POINT LEFT/RIGHT button(s) to SETTING Menu icon
  • Press POINT DOWN button to move to LAMP COUNTER RESET?
  • Press SET button. The message “Lamp replace counter reset?” is displayed.
  • Move the pointer to [Yes] and then press SET button.

Top tips for extending projector lamp life.


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