Replace the BenQ SP930P projector lamp

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benq_sp920_1This step-by-step guide shows how to replace the BenQ SP930P projector lamp.

Got with original lamps

Your BenQ SP930P has sophisticated optics installed and needs an authentic replacement projector lamp to keep working at its best. Only original projector lamps have been manufactured to meet the specifications needed by your BenQ SP920P projector. Knockoff counterfeit lamps may seem like a bargain due to their low price but they will actually end up costing you more in the long run due to their shorter life. Avoid hassles and buy an original BenQ SP930P projector lamp.

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Replacing the projector lamp.

Your BenQ SP930P projector uses a dual lighting system with two BenQ 5J.J2D05.001 projector lamps.
BenQ SP930P Lamp Mode, BenQ 5J.J2D05.001 lampThere are three basic settings that can be used with both lamps:

  • Dual-Brightest: Two lamps are used in normal mode. Used in large, well lit meeting rooms or auditoriums.
  • Dual-Reliable: Two lamps are used in economic mode extending lamp life. Suitable for mid-large boardrooms.
  • Single-Alternative: The lamp with shorter operating hours is automatically selected and used in normal mode. Suitable for normal sized rooms.


Warning Messages

BenQ SP920P Final Warning Message, BenQ 5J.J2D05.001 lampWhen it’s time to replace the BenQ SP930P projector lamp a warning message will appear on screen. There are four warning signs. If the projector is normally run with Dual-Reliable Mode (both lamps are used in economic mode) you can continue to operate the projector until the next warning message appears.
The final warning appears when the The BenQ 5J.J2D05.001 lamp has reached its end of life and must be replaced immediately. The BenQ SP930P will shut down.
Do not operate the projectors while any of the lamps are removed as this may result in malfunctions, fire hazard and other accidents.

Safety tips Before installation:

  • Be sure to turn off the projector.
  • Unplug the AC cord.
  • Wait for at least 45 minutes for the BenQ SP930P8 projector to be cool to the touch before replacing the BenQ 5J.J2D05.001 projector lamp. Trying to replace the lamp before the projector has¬† can result in a very bad burn.

Step-by-step instructions:

BenQ SP930P Lamp Cover on, BenQ 5J.J2D05.001BenQ SP930P Lamp Cover off, BenQ 5J.J2D05.001 lamp
Loosen the screw on the BenQ 5J.J2D05.001 projector lamp cover with a slotted screwdriver.
Remove theprojector  lamp cover from the BenQ SP920P8 projector.
BenQ SP930P Choose Lamps, BenQ 5J.J2D05.001 lamp

  • Identify the BenQ 5J.J2D05.001 projector lamp you want to replace by looking at the top of the lamp enclosure. The lamps will be marked as either Lamp 1 or Lamp 2.
  • Loosen the screws that secure the BenQ 5J.J2D05.001 projector lamp and the lamp connector.

BenQ SP930P Lamp out, BenQ 5J.J2D05.001 lamp

  • Lift the handle on the BenQ 5J.J2D05.001 projector lamps so that it stands up. Use the handle to slowly pull the lamp out of the projector. Be careful not to force the lamp to prevent it from breaking. Learn what to do should the lamp break inside the projector.

BenQ SP930P Lamp in, BenQ 5J.J2D05.001

  • Take the new BenQ 5J.J2D05.001 projector lamp and align the two locators on the lamp with the holes on the projector. Insert the BenQ 5J.J2D05.001 lamp all the way into the BenQ SP930P projector.

BenQ SP930P install connectors, BenQ 5J.J2D05.001 lamp

  • Tighten the screw that secures the BenQ 5J.J2D05.001 projector lamp. Connect the lamp connector to the projector and tighten the screw that secures the lamp connector.
  • Replace the lamp cover on the projector. Tighten the screw holding the BenQ SP930P in place.
  • Tighten the screw on the BenQ SP920P lamp cover.


Resetting the lamp timer

After replacing the BenQ 5J.J2D05.001 lamp you’ll need to reset the lamp timer in order for the BenQ SP930P to track the lamp life.
BenQ SP930P reset lamp, BenQ 5J.J2D05.001

  • After the Startup logo, open the On-Screen
  • Display (OSD) menu. Go to the SYSTEM SETUP: Advanced > Lamp Settings menu.
  • Press ENTER and the Lamp Settings page displays.
  • Highlight Reset Lamp #1 Timer/Reset Lamp #2 Timer. A warning message displays asking if you want to reset the lamp timer.
  • Highlight Reset and press ENTER on the projector or remote control. The lamp time will be reset to ‘0’.

Extending the life of the projector lamp:

  • Keep your air filters clean to avoid overheating the projector.
  • Use the Lamp Power option on the BenQ SP930P projector and set to Economic Mode to reduce the amount of power used but extend lamp life.
  • Learn more with Top tips for extending DLP projector lamp life.


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