Replacing the Sony KDF-37H1000 TV lamp

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sony-bravia-kdf-37h1000.792035This step-by-step guide helps you replace the Sony KDF-37H1000 TV lamp.

Go with authentic lamps

Don’t settle for anything but the best for your Sony KDF-37H1000 TV. Always install an authentic projection lamp. When buying look for the seal of approval — don’t get caught with a counterfeit generic projector lamp!
6 reasons to avoid generic projection lamps:

Find this lamp sold on Amazon by these authorized dealers:

When to replace

The Sony KDF-37H1000  lamp should last up to 8,000 hours depending on how much you use the TV. When the Sony KDF-37H1000 lamp is reaching end of life, you will see a message on screen reminding you to replace the lamp and the Lamp indicator on the TV will start flashing red. Other end of life signs may also include darker images on screen and colors that look off.

To replace the LCD projection lamp

The Sony KDF-42E2000 LCD TV uses the Sony XL-2500 Replacement TV Lamp. Before installing the new lamp, follow these safety precautions:

  • Turn off the power.
  • Let the cooling fan operate for two minutes after the power is turned off.
  • Unplug the power cord.
  • Wait an additional 30 minutes to allow the lamp to cool down. It should be cool to the touch.
  • Avoid touching the glass bulb of the new lamp since oil from your hands can leave a mark.

To replace the lamp


Using equal force, press both hooks (see #1) towards the KDF-37H1000 TV screen in the direction the arrows are pointing.
While pressing the two hooks (see #1) push the center lever (see #2) towards the TV screen and pull the lamp cover towards
you. The lamp cover should come off easily.


Remove the KDF-37H1000 TV lamp door by holding the door knob. Press the door lever toward the door knob in the direction the arrow is pointing. Then, pull the lamp door out of the TV towards you.
Sony_KDF-37H1000_lamp_XL-2500_remove_oldPull the lamp out of the TV by gripping the indented grooves on the lamp. Pull the lamp straight out of the KDF-37H1000 TV. NOTE: Be sure to recycle the Sony XL-2500 Replacement TV Lamp as contains mercury and should not be thrown into regular garbage. Recycle it!
Sony_KDF-37H1000_insert_new_ lamp_XL-2500Slide the new lamp into its place.
Insert the new Sony XL-2500 lamp into place by holding the
indented grooves firmly. Make sure the lamp is
securely mounted into the compartment. A loose lamp may cause a fire or the screen to go dark. If the lamp is not securely reattached, the self-diagnostic function may be
triggered and the POWER LED blinks six time


Sony_KDF-37H1000_lamp_XL-2500_reattach_doorReattach the lamp door. Be sure that the word “TOP” imprinted on the
lamp door is on top while placing the door lamp into the compartment.


Sony_KDF-37H1000_lamp_XL-2500_door_knobGrip the door knob, but do not hold in the
door lever when sliding the lamp door into the compartment.

Reattach the Sony KDF-42E2000 LCD TV lamp door. Turn the knob back to CLOSE and secure the cover

Sony_KDF-37H1000_lamp_XL-2500_shut_doorKeep the door at a slant, slide the lamp door into the compartment by leading with the left side. Insert the two tabs into the slot and follow the guide rail. Once the left side can no longer be pushed in, press
the lamp door lever toward the door knob.
Sony_KDF-37H1000_lamp_XL-2500_secure_doorShut the lamp door by releasing the door  lever.  When you hear a clicking sound the lamp door is secure. Make sure it is securely closed by tugging on the door knob.
Put the outside lamp cover back in its place. Insert the two small tabs from the left side of the outside lamp cover into the slots of the TV. Push in the two larger tabs of the outside lamp cover on the right side into the TV. The outside lamp cover is securely closed if you hear two
two clicking sounds are made.

Setting the lamp timer

Once the Sony KDF-37H1000 TV lamp has been replaced you will need to reset the lamp timer so the TV set knows it has received a new lamp. Go to the Settings icon on the main TV Screen and choose the General Settings. Scroll down to the Lamp Replacement option and choose that to reset the lamp timer to zero.


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