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Make your Powerpoint presentation pop with these tips.

Presenting your ideas in front of a group of people can be a daunting task. It ranks high up on the scale of things people are afraid of doing. Being well prepared will help calm your nerves and let you get your ideas across in the best way possible. These presentation tips will help you stand out from the crowd.

Presenting is hard work

Almost all experts agree on one thing: Know your stuff inside out. Nothing ruins a presentation more than having a fumbler up in front who doesn’t know their material. Take the time to research, organize and prepare.

  • Structure your material so it has a logical flow. Put categories together, do a chronological display, show how the interconnections are happening.
  • Divide up the entire presentation into key points. Having between three to five points will help your audience remember the key issues being discussed.
  • A strong conclusion is paramount to having your audience leave with a full understanding of your presentation but it will also help them to remember.
  • Leave enough time for a Q and A session. This engages the audience and they are more likely to remember.
  • Provide contact information at the end of the presentation for any other questions that surface after the audience has had time to digest the presentation.
  • Don’t be afraid the pause the presentation to clear up any confusion or questions from the audience. Press either the W or B key to stop and then the Enter key to resume.

Making a great impression

Use some of the principles of public speaking to help you come across as a polished and professional who is in control of their topic.

  • Practical examples and case study anecdotes are a great way to make your concepts clear and accessible by your audience members.
  • Slow down! Everyone has a tendency to speed talk when they are nervous. Deliver your presentation slowly and clearly.
  • Avoid talking in a monotone, as this will lull people to sleep. Emphasize certain ideas and words to give your voice some life.
  • Speak up! You want the people at the back to be able to hear you but you don’t want to be shouting. Clear, concise and engaging.
  • Make sure your gestures are natural and fit in with your topic. Leave your arm by your side or rest them on the podium to keep gestures to a minimum.
  • Maintain eye contact but don’t stare the your audience. Move between the screen and the audience.
  • Have reminders notes so you know what slide is coming next and can be ready to discuss its relevant points.
  • Dress comfortably.


  • Less text is always better.
  • Follow the 10/20/30 Kawasaki rule.
  • A table of contents can be a perfect introduction and peak audience interest.
  • Best size for titles is 44 with a Sans Serif font that is easy to read. Avoid the fancier fonts, as they can be difficult to decipher.
  • Each slide should have your company brand to reinforce your brand.
  • Arrange slides in a chronological order with topics placed accordingly.
  • Don’t bombard the audience with too many stats and numbers. You want them to remember what you are presenting. Round numbers up.
  • Make sure each slide has a title.
  • Visual pie charts or bar graphs will make more impact rather than just numbers.

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