Samsung HL-S5688W 1080p DLP Rear Projection TV

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The Samsung HL-S5688W is a rear projection television, which has a 56-inch screen size when measured diagonally and uses the DLP technology. The DLP technology has had plenty of criticism from the press especially considering that it is still developing. The non-accurate, oversaturated colors and dreadful black levels have been assaulted the most by many of the reviewers. Samsung does seem to have taken notice and have come up with a fantastic response in the form of this set.

The Samsung HL-S5688W offers excellent performance and nearly all the points of criticism have been taken care of. The full display resolution of the set is 1920 by 1080, which is also known as 1080p. The depth of the set is barely more than 16 inches, which is quite commendable for a DLP TV. It uses a 5-segment color wheel to give excellent colors. Out of the box the colors are far too oversaturated.

The cabinet is very sleek and yet very simple with a very thin frame around the screen. The set has plenty of features to keep you occupied for quite a while. It has an input for digital cable and a CableCard slot, which is quite useful for watching cable TV. The USB jack enables the user to view photographs or videos or listen to MP3 audio directly from the USB device. A PC input is also provided although the resolutions are not that flattering.

The picture especially in the movie mode puts the Samsung HL-S5688W in contention for the best RPTV.

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