Samsung HL-S5686W 56" DLP Rear-Projection 720p HDTV

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The Samsung HL-S5686W is a rear projection television, which uses the DLP technology and has a 56” screen size when measured diagonally. The latest range of the DLP televisions is offering picture qualities, which are comparable to that of the plasmas with greater screen sizes and yet are much cheaper. The above factors make the DLP a much better option in case hanging the television on the wall is not a priority.

The full display resolution of the Samsung HL-S5686W is 1280 by 720, which means that all the input signals will be displayed at 720p. The native resolution may be less than what may be wanted but at a screen size of 56 inches, even having 1080p may not have much of a difference. The set has very accurate colors although it does seem to struggle with the detail levels especially in the distance. The compactness of the set makes it fit into smaller spaces where other sets will not fit. The black levels are quite low and the built in digital tuner is excellent.

A RGB input has also been provided in case you want to hook up the PC. Unlike the plasmas the DLP’s do not suffer from static Image burn in problems and hence are safe to use with the PC’s. The Samsung HL-S5686W is equipped with both analog (NTSC) as well as digital (ATSC) tuners. It also supports analog cable TV.

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