Zenith R56W36 HD Monitor

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The Zenith R56W36 is a high definition monitor and has a 56 inch screen size when measured diagonally. The monitor presents itself as a very good option especially if you are looking for a large screen size without having to take out all your savings to pay for it. The cabinet is very well designed but the bright silver finish of the cabinet makes it far too reflective and flashy. The depth of the set is quite less considering its screen size and makes it ideal if space is an important criterion.

The front side of the set has been given a clean look by keeping the front panel controls very simple. The set gives good quality picture even without calibration although the images are a bit reddish. The sets internal speakers offer excellent audio quality with 15 watts of output for every output channel. Overall the Zenith R56W36 is not the best HD monitor available today but strikes an excellent balance between size, performance and price.

The set offers plenty of input options to hookup your external devices to with some of them located in the front while most of them are at the side of the set. The remote is universal and can control up to four devices apart from the TV. The layout of the buttons is simple and all of them are illuminated which will prove to be a relief for most of the users.

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