Zenith P60W26P 60 inch High Definition plasma monitor

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The Zenith P60W26P is a high definition plasma monitor and has a 60 inch screen size when measured diagonally. It is priced at just a little more than 14 grand and even if the price has reduced considerably there is enough evidence to say that big screen plasmas are not for the common man. Apart from the price the performance of the widescreen monitor is fantastic although it can’t be said that it justifies the price. The cabinet is all silver and looks very elegant.

The full native resolution of the Zenith P60W26P is 1280 by 720 which means that all the input signals will be scaled and the picture will be displayed at 720p. The set is very quiet in terms of the fan noise (it does irritate a few people more than the others) and gives excellent picture out of the box. The set does have a few screen burn in problems in which some of the images from the previous channels are visible (even though faded) especially after changing to a channel having a darker image. This problem though will not affect daily viewing as a bright image will have to be on screen for a really long time which is quite rare.

The detail levels given by the set are extremely high with the smallest of detail being easily visible. The remote has plenty of features and is easy to use although it is not backlit which is disappointing. Two external speakers are also available and can be connected to the sides of the screen.
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