JVC HD-56FN97 56 inch Rear Projection HDTV:

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The JVC HD-56FN97 is a 56 inch rear projection television using JVC’s D-ILA technology. Out of JVC’s lineup of TV sets launched after 2006 offering 1080p using the D-ILA technology, considering the size this set is the cheapest in terms of price and give good performance even though it cannot be regarded as the best. The dimensions of the set are 50.9 X 37.2 X 17.7 inches in width, height and depth respectively and weighs in at 90.4. 

The designing of the set was fairly simple yet was very elegant. A thin silver strip is used around the screen of the primarily black cabinet. A set of a couple of stereo speakers is attached to the cabinet at the bottom of the screen instead of the sides. This reduces valuable space in terms of width. The remote thankfully is backlit, which helps you find all the necessary buttons in the dark and makes me wonder why most companies still prefer to keep their remotes simple without backlighting.

The set offers a native resolution of 1920 X 1080, which is useful to show all the details at 1080p and 1080i. All the inputs from other sources are scaled to fit the available pixels. The use of the JVC’s D-ILA technology with its three chip technology helps the set to deliver excellent black levels and very high details. An onboard CableCard slot is another important addition and lets you view cable TV without having the hassles to buy additional set top boxes. 

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