Samsung HLP5674W 56" HD-Ready DLP Projection TV

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The Samsung HLP5674W is a 56 inch high definition television using DLP technology. The depth of the set is a meager 18.2 inches which makes it quite flat and weighs in at 94.8 pounds which is quite superb and makes the installation of the set very easy. The native resolution of the set is 1280 X 720 with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The use of DLP technology eliminates the hazards of screen aging or burn in effects.


The bezel cabinet of the set is ultra slim and light in weight and has been exquisitely designed to give the set an elegant look. The set uses the HD2 chipset technology with a 0.8” Digital Micromirror Device to produce high quality images with high resolution. The set gives rich and vibrant colors alongwith amazing black levels while maintaining a contrast ratio of 3000:1 with the help of Samsung’s Cinema Smooth light engine. A 3:2 comb filter is used to improve image transition detail and clear any visual interference. Samsungs DNIe video enhancers improves the contrast ratios and the picture detail while reducing digital noise from lower quality sources.


The twin speakers attached to the set inside the cabinet provide excellent sound quality alongwith the stunning video. The speakers provide a total output of 30 watts (15 X 2). The set uses a user replaceable lamp which is reported to have a life of 5000 hours and should last for a couple of years depending on your daily usage.


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