Samsung HLP5685W 56 inch HDTV-Ready Television

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The Samsung HLP5685W is another one of the superb range of high definition TV sets from Samsung which is one of the leaders in the manufacture of televisions using DLP technology. The set is a 56” (diagonally measured) rear projection TV using DLP technology. The native resolution of the set is 1280 X 720 with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The cabinet has been exquisitely designed. The pictures really do not do the set any justice as it is really hard to stop looking at.


The Samsung HLP5685W uses the HD2+ chipset technology and it amazed me as to how much better it was compared to the older version HD2 sets. Samsung has played its part and has enhanced the set by adding plenty of functions which make the viewing experience even more fascinating. The Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) produces high definition video images with film-like resolution which gives fantastic black levels alongwith rich and vibrant colors. The CinemaSmooth light engine increases the brightness of the set without affecting the contrast ratios which have be measured at 2500:1. The Cinema Smooth film mode 3:2 pulldown correction smoothens the video or movie inputs.


A couple of speakers provide excellent sound quality with a total output of 30 watts (15 X 2). The split screen function allows the user to watch two programs at the same time. The universal remote lacks in style and none of the buttons are illuminated which is a bit disappointing.

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