BenQ projector care and maintenance tips

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Keep your BenQ projector working properly with regular maintenance.

BenQ MP513 projector, BenQ 9E.Y1301.001 lamp

BenQ projectors are sturdy machines requiring very little upkeep. However, you still need to do some regular light maintenance and cleaning to keep your Ben Q projector working well.

Important safety tips

Before cleaning or doing any maintenance, keep these important safety tips in mind:

  • Never remove any parts of the projector except the lamp or the air filter.
  • The projector should always be turned off and cooled down before doing any maintenance or cleaning.

Cleaning a Dirty Lens


  • Get rid of a build up of dirt by using a non-abrasive lens cleaning solution.
  • Isopropyl alcohol can also be used to clean the projector lens.
  • NEVER apply the cleansing solution directly to the lens.
  • Apply the cleaning solution to a soft, dry and lint-free cloth bought at a camera or photography shop. You can also use a proper photographic lens brush to gently wipe the lens surface.
  • Wipe the cloth gently in circular motion.
  • NEVER touch the lens with your finger since oil from your skin can leave a mark.
  • Replace the lens caps if are not using the projector immediately.

Read more at Clean your projector lens properly.

Clean the filter

BenQ-1080p_Projector_care-maintenanceA dirty filter clogged with dust stops proper ventilation and can cause the projector to overheat. If the projector gets too hot, the lamp can explode.
Failure to clean the filter regularly may also result in an automatic shut down of the projector from overheating.
A message warning you to clean the air filter will appear periodically every 500 hours. Some BenQ projectors will also have the information on the menu:
Menu Option 1: Advanced Setup/ Dust Filter/Dust Filter Hours menu
Menu Option 2
: Information/ Dust Filter Hours
projector_Air_filter_maintenanceTo clean the filter:

  • Don’t wash the filter with soap or water as this can damage the filter membranes.
  • Vacuum the filter with a vacuum cleaner designed for computers and other office equipment. DO NOT use a regular vacuum cleaner.
  • Use a can of compressed air to blow the dust away.
  • Gently shake out the filter to release any dust.

NOTE: Never clean the inside of your projector with compressed air. All this does is blows the dust deep inside the projector.
Refer to your user manual for more detailed instructions.

Cleaning the case


Before you clean the case:

  • Turn the projector off and unplug the power cable
  • Let projector cool for several minutes

To clean the case:

  • Remove dirt or dust use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth to wipe the case.
  • Remove stubborn dirt or stains with a damp, cloth with water and a gentle detergent. Wipe the case down afterwards.
  • Avoid wax, alcohol, benzene, thinner or other chemical detergents as these can damage the case.


Storing the projector


To store your Ben Q projector for any period of time, do the following:

  • Retract the adjuster feet.
  • Remove remote control batteries.
  • Unplug all cables and connectors
  • Pack the projector into its original wrapping or the equivalent for protection.
  • Store in an area with little humidity and consistent mild temperature. You don’t want to projector to submitted to high or low temperatures.

Please refer to your specific user manual for more information.

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