Changing the Epson PowerLite 83V Plus projector lamp

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Epson-Powerlite-83V+-projector-Epson-ELPLP42-projector_lampFollow our 3-step guide to change the projector lamp in your Epson PowerLite 83V+.

Step 1: Know when to replace

The life span of the Epson ELPLP42 projector lamp ranges from approximately 3000 hours in HIGH brightness mode to about 4000 hours in LOW brightness mode. When you are reaching the 3000 mark, have your new lamp ready for installation.
Find the exact hours the lamp has been used on the Info Menu. If the number of hours is under 10, the time will be displayed as 0H.
Watch for the signs that the Epson ELPLP42 projector lamp needs to be replaced in the Epson PowerLite 83V+ projector:

  • Dark image
  • Image that has deteriorated
  • Replace the Lamp message appears on screen
  • Lamp light flashes orange

Step 2: Buy authentic projector lamp

It’s critical to install a genuine Epson ELPLP42 projector lamp rather than a compatible generic lamps. Although lower in price initially, generic, knock-off lamps end up costing much more in the long run. Counterfeit generic lamp have a shorter lamp life, damage the components in your projector, have poor picture quality and are prone to explosion. You also run the risk of being exposed to the carcinogenic substances such Krypton-85 used in the making of these lamps. The are also incompatibile with sensitive electronics in your projectors and can cause damage.
The warranty will become void on your Epson PowerLite 83V+ projector the moment you install a generic Epson ELPLP42 lamp. Be sure the purchase an authentic Epson ELPLP42 projector lamp for your Epson PowerLite 83V+ projector. Save yourself unnecessary headaches and buy authentic from a recognized dealer. You’ll be getting a far superior product with a replacement guarantee and tech support.

Read more about the 7 Ways to Spot a Counterfeit Lamp.

Step 3: Install the Epson ELPLP42 projector lamp

Before installation:

  • Turn power button off and wait for light to stop flashing.
  • Turn off power swtich on the back of the Epson PowerLite 83V+ projector.
  • Unplug the power cord.
  • Allow the Epson PowerLite 83V+ projector to cool for one hour – it should be cool to the touch. Inside of the projector can be very hot since these machines operator under high temperatures and you run the risk of being burned if the projector has not cooled down.
  • Do not operate the projectors while any of the lamps are removed as this may result in malfunctions, fire hazard and other accidents.

Caution: Don’t touch the screen or the actual bulb with your finger since the oil from your skin can cause a black spot on the bulb.
Epson-Powerlite-83V+-loosen-lamp-cover-screw-Epson-ELPLP42-projector _lamp
Using the screw driver supplied, loosen the screw holding the Epson PowerLite 83V+ cover in place.
Remove the Epson PowerLite 83V+ lamp cover and place it to one side.
Using the screw driver provided, loosen the screws holding the Epson ELPLP42 projector lamp in place.
Epson-Powerlite-83V+-remove-Epson-ELPLP42-projector-lampGrab the Epson ELPLP42 lamp by the two indents on the projector lamp. Gently remove the projector lamp.Pulling too quickly can cause the bulb to shatter. Learn what to do should the bulb shatter.
NOTE: The Epson ELPLP42 projector lamp contains mercury and should not be thrown into regular garbage. Recycle your used lamps! If you bought from an authentic manufacturer they will recycle the lamp for you at no extra cost (another reason to buy authentic lamps).Epson-Powerlite-83V+-replace-Epson-ELPLP42-projector-lamp
Gently insert the Epson ELPLP42 projector lamp making sure it’s facing the right way. It should click easily into place. Do not force the lamp into the projector as you may break the light.
Tighten the screws on the newly installed Epson ELPLP42 projector lamp. Be sure not to tighten the screw too much or leave the screw too loose as this can stop the newly installed projector lamp from working.
Replace the Epson PowerLite 83V+ lamp cover and tighten the screw. You are now ready to reset the Lamp Timer.

Reset the lamp timer on the Epson PowerLite 83V+ projector

Reset the Epson PowerLite 83V+ projector Lamp Replacement Counter only when the Epson ELPLP42 projector lamp has been replaced.

  • Press the MENU button on the remote control. The Lamp Reset Menu will appear.
  • Scroll down to the RESET ALL. Press ENTER.
  • A prompt appears asking if you want to replace the lamp.
  • Select YES and press ENTER.
  • Press MENU to exit.

Prolong the life of the Epson ELPLP42 projector  lamp:

Extend the life of the newly installed Epson ELPLP42 with the following tips:

  • Keep your air filters clean to avoid overheating the projector.
  • Turn off the Epson PowerLite 83V+ projector and let it stand for at least one hour ever 24 hours. An average use of four to five hours per day will ensure longer lamp life.
  • Make sure there is enough airflow around the projector particularly if it’s been permanently mounted.
  • Learn more with Top tips for extending DLP projector lamp life

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