3 steps to a new Mitsubishi WD-92742 RPTV lamp

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  • Shelagh M.
  • 12 years ago

Mitsubishi WD-92742 Mitsubishi 915B455011 / 915B455A11 Lamp
Follow this 3-step guide for replacing the lamp in your Mitsubishi WD-92742 RPTV. You’ll need a a new Mitsubishi 915B455011/915B455A11 Lamp.

Step 1: Know when to replace

Wondering when to replace the Mitsubishi WD-92742 RPTV? Watch for the telltale signs of a dimmer picture on screen or colours that appear off. When the Mitsubishi 915B455011/915B455A11 lamp is no longer working the Status Light on the front of the Mitsubishi WD-92742 RPTV will begin blinking red.
Replace the Mitsubishi 915B455011/915B455A11 lamp immediately.

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