Installing a replacement Acer 7763P projector lamp

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Acer _7763P_projectorThis guide shows how to replace the Acer 7763P projector lamp

When to replace

When it’s time to replace the Acer 7763P projector lamp warning messages will be play on screen. Be sure to purchase an authentic lamp.
Other signs of end of life include a faded picture or distorted colours on screen. The power lamp will also begin flashing amber. Replace the projector lamp immediately.

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The importance of authentic

Counterfeit “compatible” lamps may appear to be a bargain but actually cost more in the long run.  The few dollars you save with counterfeit “compatible” lamps are not worth it in the long run. Save yourself unnecessary headaches — buy an Acer 60.J1610.001 projector lamp from a recognized dealer. You’ll be getting a far superior product with a replacement guarantee and tech support.
Reasons for not buying counterfeit projector lamps:

Replace the Acer 7763P projector lamp

When the Acer 7763P projector lamp is reaching final hours and exceeds the 1500 service hour, the LED light will flash continuous red. Warning message will begin to flash on screen.
Acer_Projector_ 7763P_Acer 60.J1610.001_projector_lamp_first_warning
First warning:  “CHANGE THE LAMP, AND RESET THE LAMP TIMER” will be displayed on the screen if the lamp has been operated for 1200 hours

Acer_Projector_ 7763P_Acer 60.J1610.001_projector_lamp_warning-2Second warning:
“CHANGE THE LAMP, THE POWER WILL TURN OFF AFTER 20 HOURS” will be displayed The “20” count down begins.
Thirs  warning:“CHANGE THE LAMP!” will blink on the screen together with a red LED when 1500 hours has been reached.

How to replace the projector lamp

The Acer 7763P uses the Acer 60.J1610.001 projector lamp. Before installation make sure the projector is cool to the touch before replacing the projector lamp. There is a risk of burning if the projector has not cooled sufficiently.
Acer_Projector_ 7763P_Acer 60.J1610.001_projector_lamp_remove_lamp_cover
Turn the power off on the projector. Unplug it from the power source.
Loosen the screw holding the lamp cover on the projector. Put the lamp cover to one side.
Acer_Projector_ 7763P_Acer 60.J1610.001_projector_lamp_replaceRemove the screw holding the  from the Acer 7763P projector lamp. Lift the handle and pull out the lamp.
NOTE: The Acer 60.J1610.00 projector lamp contains mercury and should not be thrown into regular garbage. Recycle this lamp!
Insert the new Acer 60.J1610.00 projector lamp taking care not to touch the glass bulb. Oil from your fingers can burn marks into the lamp.
Tighten the screw on the lamp and replace the lamp cover. You are ready to reset the lamp timer.

Resetting the projector lamp timer

When you change the Acer 7763P projector lamp you will need to reset the lamp timer so the projector can accurately track the number hours of left.

  • Acer_Projector_ 7763P_Acer 60.J1610.001_projector_lamp_reset
  • Press the Exit button on the projector for 3 seconds or the Exit button on the remote control for 3 seconds and display the total lamp usage time.
  • Press the Menu button on the projector or the remote control while the lamp usage time is being displayed, and the lamp hour display will be active and adjustable.
  • Select the “Reset” item on the screen using the buttons or on control pad or remote.

Extending the projector lamp life

  • Use the Eco Mode for more lamp hours.
  • Keep your air filters clean to avoid overheating the projector.
  • Make sure there is enough airflow around the Acer 7763P projector.
  • Learn more with Top tips for extending DLP projector lamp life

Learn more tips for extending lamp life.

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