JVC HD-58S998 58 inch Rear Projection HDTV:

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A single gaze at the JVC HD-58S998 and you see the most notable and perhaps the best feature of the set. The JVC HD-58S998 which has a screen size of 58 inches (measured diagonally) and yet is a meager 10.8 inches in depth. It is really hard to imagine that the manufacturers have managed to fit a lamp and various other projection accessories including a mirror inside the cabinet. Anyone does not need to be a scientist to know that a user will prefer a flat panel television to a RPTV even if it takes a few more inches in depth and a few more hundred bills which will eventually lead to the latter extinction. But the RPTV’s aren’t giving up that easily. 

The dimensions of the set are 51.5 X 37.9 X 10.8 inches and weighs slightly more than 110 pounds. The less depth though does seem to have taken its toll as the performance of the set in terms of picture gives a real sore eye to the user. Don’t get me wrong but the set has a real hard time to maintain a picture with straight horizontal lines. As far as the other picture quality aspects and design is concerned, the set is surely among the best seen so far.

The native resolution offered by the set is 1920 X 1080 which is more than enough to show every detail at 1080i and 1080p. The signals from any other input sources are scaled to fit the available pixels. The brightness, contrast ratio and black levels of the set were very good although the grayscale was a bit lacking. 

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