Consumer Alert: The dangers of RPTV counterfeit lamps

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Mitsubishi WD-60638 dangers of generic RPTV lamps

Keep your TV working by avoiding RPTV counterfeit lamps

Would you compromise your health and risk your eyesight for the sake of a few dollars? Using RPTV counterfeit lamps puts you at risk for potential damage to your eyesight as well as exposure to Krypton-85, a radioactive gas that is linked to cancer.
Why expose your family to this toxic gas to save some money? Why risk damaging your RPTV as well?

Toxic bargain

What is Krypton-85 doing in your generic RPTV lamp? Using this toxic element is the only way for copy-cat manufacturers to re-produce the technology created by PHILIPS, the original manufacturer of projector lamps.
After years of research, PHILIPS developed a revolutionary arc tube filled with mercury-argon mixture that created intense light but lowered the heat allowing both the lamp and projector to become smaller.
Since PHILIPS patented technology is not available to counterfeit manufacturers, they resort to using Krypton-85 for the same result. This radioactive gas is created from by nuclear reactors during the fission between uranium and plutonium and has a number of industrial and medical applications. It’s safe when used in a controlled environment. It’s not safe in your RPTV projector lamp.

Lack of durability

In order to create the knock-off lamp, counterfeit manufacturers usually replace the arc tube or refit old projector lamps with counterfeit parts; others replace the complete module. Whichever method they choose, they are still producing a lamp with a shorter life cycle and inferior technology.

Durability of generic lampsLack of accountability

Exposure to Krypton-85 happens when these lamps break or explode inside the projector from overheating. Short-term effects of Krypton-85 exposure are dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and loss of consciousness. Long-term effects are more serious and have been linked to cancer. Protect your eyesight
Comparing Luminosity of authentic to generic
PHILIPS lamps also use a UV coated reflectors allowing for a brighter and more vibrant picture. Generic lamps have a non-coated reflector, which eventually damages color wheel and optical block in your projector—both expensive components to repair.
More importantly, PHILIPS UV reflectors are designed to reduce harmful rays from the intense light thereby protecting your eyesight. Generic lamps without UV coated reflectors can produce an effect similar to looking at the sun without UV protection.

Buyer beware

Knock-off, countefeit, generic lamps have poor workmanshipInferior knock-off lamps are flooding the market. You’ll find generic lamps being sold on popular internet shopping sites—in fact it can be hard to distinguish the real lamps from the knock-off lamps.
Remember “you get what you pay for” so if the price seems too good to be true then chances are it’s a counterfeit. Copy-cat manufacturers can be clever at disguising their knock-off products including using original PHILIPS logos and parts numbers. So even if the lamp looks authentic if the price is too good to be true, then chances are it’s a counterfeit.

Shop smart and stay safe

Be a smart consumer and purchase your PRTV lamp from a guaranteed seller such as These OEM retailers have a partnership with PHILIPS to sell their original lamps. You’ll be getting a lamp produced with the proper materials and a guarantee replacement should there be any problems. Those few extra dollars are worth peace of mind and your health.

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