Replacing Philips 915B455011 Lamp for Mitsubishi series 740, 840 and WD-82CB1

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Mitsubishi WD-82840 HD-DLP

Step-by-Step Instructions for replacing the Philips Mitsubishi 915B455011 Lamp

When the picture on your Mitsubishi HD-LP TV becomes dimmer it’s time to replace the lamp. When the lamp is no longer working the Lamp Indicator will show red. You’ll need to buy a Philips Mitsubishi 915B455011 replacement lamp.
Control panel Mitsubishi WD-73740 / WD-82740 / WD-73840 / WD-82840/ WD-92840 / WD-82CB1If you have a  Mitsubishi HD-DLP TV series WD-73740 / WD-82740 / WD-73840 / WD-82840/ WD-92840 / WD-82CB1 the Lamp Indicator will be found on the front panel left of the Power button.
When the TV is operating normally, this indicator will not be lit. When the light has turned RED, the lamp has burnt out and since this is the only source of light for the TV, it will not turn on.

Before Installation

The life of the lamp can vary depending on the selected lamp mode and how much the TV is used.
Be sure to purchase a genuine Philips Mitsubishi 915B455011 Lamp Cartridge (this includes the housing as well as the bulb) either directly from the manufacturer or from an authorized dealer. Cheaper models may damage your set since these are often created with counterfeit, inferior parts that will not fit or perform properly. Your warranty may also be void if you install a lamp bought from an unauthorized source.
The Philips Mitsubishi 915B455011 Lamp is the recommend model for HD-DLP TV series D-DLP TV series WD-73740 / WD-82740 / WD-73840 / WD-82840/ WD-92840 / WD-82CB1 televisions.
For an environmentally friendly and more economical option, you can also just purchase the bare lamp that allows you to re-use the existing housing by swapping the old bulb for the new one.

Replacing the Philips Mitsubishi 915B455011 Lamp

CAUTION:  Burn Danger! Allow the T.V. to cool for one hour before replacing the lamp. Avoid touching the lamp or lamp cartridge. Use the lamp handles only to remove the lamp.
HELPFUL TIP: Use a pair of rubber gloves during installation. These lamps contain mercury, which may end up on your skin. Don’t touch the lamp glass with bare hands as the oil form your fingers may cause premature lamp failure.

PART ONE: Removing the Old Philips Mitsubishi 915B455011 Lamp Cartridge

Lamp Cover for Mitsubishi HD-DLP TWD-73740 / WD-82740 / WD-73840 / WD-82840/ WD-92840 / WD-82CB1

  • Turn off the TV and allow it to cool for one hour.
  • After TV has cooled, remove the cover of the lamp compartment, located at the back of the TV. Using a #2 Philips screwdriver, loosen the two screws holding the cover in place. Put the cover to one side.
  • Loosen the screw on the left hand side of the lamp cartridge keeping it in place. This is a captive screw so can only be loosened and not removed.
  • Open the bag supplied with the new Philips Mitsubishi 915B455011 lamp replacement. You’ll store the old lamp in this bag.
  • Gently grasp the handle on the lamp cartridge and pull the lamp straight out. DO NOT TILT, as there may be glass fragments that will fall inside the TV. If this happens, carefully pick up the glass larger shards wearing rubber gloves. Take a cloth just damp enough to pick up the small shreds. It’s important to pick up the broken lamps since this lamps does have mercury. Read more about proper clean-up from the EPA.
  • Put the old lamp gently into the opened bag. Close the bag.

PART TWO: Installing the New Philips Mitsubishi 915B455011 Lamp

Mitsubishi HD-DLP TV Lamp Cover for Mitsubishi HD-DLP TWD-73740 / WD-82740 / WD-73840 / WD-82840/ WD-92840 / WD-82CB1

  • Using the lamp handle, carefully remove the new Philips Mitsubishi 915B455011 Lamp from the bag. DON’T TOUCH the glass parts of the lamp.
  • Do a final wipe with a clean, non-abrasive, lint-free cloth to remove any possible dust. Insert the new cartridge into the TV without tilting the lamp. The lamp cartridge should slide in easily.
  • Gently tighten the screw. AVOID OVER TIGHTENING as this will trigger a warning light and your TV will not turn on.
  • Replace the lamp cover and tighten the two screws. Again, avoid over tightening.
  • If you haven’t used gloves while changing the cartridge: WASH YOUR HANDS immediately. If you did use gloves, dispose of them immediately


PART THREE: Disposal of the used Philips Mitsubishi 915B455011 Lamp Cartridge

  • The old lamp is e-waste. DON’T THROW IT AWAY. Recycle correctly according to regulations in your area. These lamps contain mercury and should not be included in regular garbage.
  • Contact your local recycling center or Recycle Your for help in recycling your old lamp.


PART FOUR: Setting the Lamp Mode

Energy Mode Mitsubishi HD-DLP TV WD-73740 / WD-82740 / WD-73840 / WD-82840/ WD-92840 / WD-82CB1

  • You can prolong the life of your Philips Mitsubishi 915B455011 lamp by changing the lamp mode.
  • Using the TV remote press MENU.
  • Use the down arrow key to scroll to the SETUP Menu. Hit the ENTER key.
  • Use the right arrow key to move into the submenu and scroll across to choose the ENERGY option.
  • Use the down to scroll to one of the two options of STANDARD or BRIGHT. Hit the ENTER key.
  • The STANDARD option is suitable for most viewing conditions and since it uses a lower wattage can prolong the life of your lamp.
  • BRIGHT mode is suitable for brightly lit rooms but uses more wattage and may reduce the life of your lamp. Using this mode makes the TV hotter and he fan may turn on more frequently.


Mitsubishi TVs Compatible with the Philips Mitsubishi 915B455011 Lamp Cartridge

WD-73640 / WD-73C11 / WD-73CA1
740 Series: WD-73740 / WD-82740
840 Series: WD-73840 / WD-82840/ WD-92840


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