Samsung HL – R6178W 61 inch High Definition Television:

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The Samsung HL – R6178W is a high definition television set that has a screen size of 61 inches when measured diagonally and uses the DLP technology. The dimensions of the set are 41 ½ inches in height, just less than 57 inches in width and the depth is slightly less than 18 ½ inches. The set weighs in at just a bit less than 100 pounds, which is quite creditable considering the screen size of the set is 61 inches. The cabinet of the set is dual colored. This rear projection television set has a very thin bezel, which is black in color and has a silver strip at the bottom. The provision of the built in HD tuner and the CableCard slot makes it easier to connect to Cable TV without having to go for additional set top boxes.

The Samsung HL – R6178W offers a native display resolution of 1080p, which is the highest available resolution possible today. This means that the set has a vertical resolution of 1920 pixels and a horizontal resolution of 1080 pixels. The set offers very high contrast ratios with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The set is also quite bright with the brightness levels upto 600 cd/m2. This means that it should not be a problem if you want to use the set in brightly lit rooms.

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