Syntax Olevia LCT50HV LAMP – Where can I find one?

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The Olevia LCT50HV TV was produced by parent company Syntax Brillian (trading under BRLC). The company went into Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection earlier this year after defaulting on numerous loans. Per SEC filings in February of 2008, Syntax owed creditors more than $130 million! Today, Syntax-Brillian’s brands: Olevia & Vivitar are owned by a new corporation Olevia International Group, LLC, which falls under the umbrella of TCV Group. In short, it’s all a big mess, and that’s why there are no replacement parts available for these TVs!
Our sponsor, has secured a significant amount of replacement parts for these Syntax Olevia LCOS Televisions, including replacement lamps (the consumable bulbs), light engines, DMD and printed circuit boards, power supplies, remotes, manuals, front screens…you name it.
We’ve had numerous people ask us: “Where can I get a replacement lamp from my Olevia TV?” Or, something like, “I’ve searched everywhere and I can’t find the lamp for my TV!”
Why is it so difficult to find the replacement lamp for these Syntax Olevia TVs?
For one, these use a special type of lamp not common among LCOS, DLP, or D-ILA TVs. The typical lamp TV lamp has an ignition voltage of 15,000-20,000 volts. The Olevia’s prefer a lamp that ignites at 5,000 volts, hence, the lamps are not compatible. Today, it is extremely difficult finding these replacement lamps or any other spare parts for that matter. Let us know which parts you’re looking for and we’ll get them to you!
Here is a direct link to the lamp.

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