Samsung HL – S6165 61" DLP High Definition Television:

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The Samsung HL – S6165 is a high definition television set that uses the DLP technology and has a screen size of 61 inches when measured diagonally. Samsung seems to have spent some time in the designing of the cabinet. The dual colored cabinet looks quite elegant and has a very thin bezel. The floating screen design adds a touch of class to the set. The widescreen design of the Samsung HL – S6165 is predominantly black in color with a silver strip right at the bottom. The designing of the set also decreases the size of the set, which ensures that the set will fit into the spaces where other sets will not fit.
The Samsung HL – S6165 has a native display resolution of 720p that has a vertical display resolution of 1280 pixels and a horizontal resolution of 720 pixels. The contrast ratios offered by the set are 2500:1 which are quite commendable. The use of the cinema smooth light engine helps to produces highly clear and sharp images. Samsung has really done well to equip the set with plenty of input interfaces for the users to attach their external devices to. The Samsung HL – S6165 has a couple of HDMI inputs, which will have plenty of users breathing a sigh of relief. It also has both the tuners – the NTSC as well as the ATSC.
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