JVC HD-70FN97 70-Inch HD-ILA HDTV:

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The JVC HD-70FN97 is a 70 inch high definition television using the JVC highly acclaimed D-ILA technology. Believe you me if you are have started feeling that your 50 or 60 inch television set is too small then this set is what you are looking for. The huge size of the set makes any other set look tiny. It uses the D-ILA technology which is a variant of the LCOS technology and is more like a combination of the DLP and the LCD.

The set uses a three chip D-ILA system where each chip is used for the blue, red and green color production respectively. The native display resolution offered by the set is a full 1920 X 1080 which is also known as 1080p in which all incoming signals are scaled to fit the available pixels. The dimensions of the set are 64 inches in width, 46 inches in height and 20 ½ inches in depth. The weigh of the set is around 159 pounds. The placement of the speakers inside the cabinet at the bottom of the screen instead of at the sides has allowed the manufacturers to shave off quite a few inches of the width of the set. 

As far as the performance of the JVC HD-70FN97 is concerned it is quite good even though it cannot be referred to as the best. The set offers excellent black levels which is one of the areas where projection televisions have been caught lacking. Although the better color accuracy was what I hoped for the set covers up its tracks by providing excellent high quality detailed and sharp images.

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