JVC LT-40FN97 40 inch Rear Projection LCD TV

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The JVC LT-40FN97 has a 40 inch screen size and uses the LCD technology. JVC really has never been at the top spot as far as LCD HDTV’s are concerned but the D-ILA giants have made giant strides and make up some of the lost ground over its rivals with the JVC LT-40FN97. This set packs in plenty of features to give a better viewing experience and looks good as far as the specification sheets are concerned, for the actual performance read on.

The cabinet of the set is primarily glossy black with a matte black strip at the bottom of the screen used to house the internal speaker. The positioning of the speakers at the bottom of the screen instead of the sides helps reduce its dimensions in terms of the width. The dimensions of the set including the stand are 39.4 inches in width, 29 inches in height, and 12.8 inches in depth and 68.2 pounds in weight. The native resolution offered by the JVC LT-40FN97 is 1920 X 1080 which is enough to show all the details at 1080i and 1080p. All the other input sources are scaled to fit the available pixels.

The colors were accurate except that the picture appeared a little bluish especially in the dark scenes. The black levels too were sufficient but could have been much better. The picture quality of the JVC LT-40FN97 does fall short of the higher end LCD TV’s but there is nothing to suggest that you should stay away from it.

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