JVC HD-52G886 52 Inch Micro-Display HD-ILA Rear Projection TV

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The JVC HD-52G886 is 52 inch rear projection TV set which uses the JVC’s D-ILA technology. The D-ILA technology uses a 0.7” D-ILA device which uses three chips for color reproduction. The use of D-ILA technology helps the set to continuously produce flicker free images without burn in issues. The high definition set has been exquisitely designed with the screen being fitted into a thin silver colored cabinet.


The JVC HD-52G886 produces rich and vibrant colors using the five point color management feature to produce picture with sharp and clear edges. The native resolution of the set is 1280 X 720 at 720p with a widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9. The Natural Cinema 3:2 pulldown menu can be used to view smoother videos and movies from any input sources. The JVC HD-52G886 weighs around 86 pounds and is slightly more than 16” (16.37” to be accurate) in depth. The Color Temperature Control feature helps to produce accurate colors.


The AudioBEE high definition Sound Enhancement with the Advanced Hyper Sound feature improves the center channel performance. The two oblique cone speakers direct the sound upwards to give a better performance. The JVC HD-52G886 comes equipped with a CableCard slot which makes it easy for you to connect to the Cable TV and eliminates the need for buying additional set top boxes. The set also features picture in picture as well as multi screen features which let you watch multiple channels at the same time.


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