Install a new lamp for the BenQ MP612/MP612c projector

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BenQ MP612, BenQ 5J.06001.001Follow our step-by-step guide to a new BenQ 5J.06001.001 lamp for your BenQ MP612 / MP612c projector.

Buy authentic

The Internet has been flooded with companies selling projector lamps.
Many advertised their lamps as  “generic and compatible” —  a euphemism for a knock-off, copycat technology that produces an inferior and dangerous product. Don’t believe the cheap prices you see as there are hidden costs to installing generic lamps.
You get what you pay for and in the case of generic lamps it’s usually a long list of problems:

Be sure the purchase an authentic BenQ 5J.06001.001 projector lamp for your BenQ MP612/MP612c projector. Save yourself unnecessary headaches and buy authentic from a recognized dealer. You’ll be getting a far superior product with a replacement guarantee and tech support.

Know when to replace the lamp

When the BenQ MP612/MP612c projector is in operation, the number of hours of lamp life is automatically calculated by the built-in timer. The formula used is Total (equivalent) lamp hour = hours used in Economic mode + hours used in normal mode. When your projector is in Econo Mode the formula is calculated as 2/3 of that in normal mode. Using the projector in Economic mode helps to extend the lamp hour by 1/3.

Warning messages

When the BenQ 5J.06001.001 lamp is approaching end of life the BenQ MP612/MP612c projector Lamp Indicator will start flashing red. Warning messages will also appear on your screen.
BenQ MP612/MP12c first warning, BenQ 5J.06001.001
First warning: The BenQ 5J.06001.001 lamp has been in operation for 3000 hours. Install a new lamp for optimal performance. If projector is running in Economic Mode, you can wait until 3950 hours of lamp usage.
BenQ MP612/MP12c second lamp warning, BenQ 5J.06001.001
Second warning: The BenQ 5J.06001.001 lamp has been in operation for 3950 hours. Replace the lamp as soon as possible. You will begin to notice that brightness has diminished and the picture is not as clear.
BenQ MP612/MP12c third lamp warning, BenQ 5J.06001.001
Third warning: The BenQ 5J.06001.001 lamp has been in operation for 4000 hours and is reaching end of life. Replace the BenQ 5J.06001.001 lamp immediately.
BenQ MP612 final lamp warning, BenQ 5J.06001.001
Final warning: The BenQ 5J.06001.001 lamp has reached end of life and the projector has shut down. The BenQ MP612/MP612c projector will not turn back on until the lamp has been replaced.

Install the new BenQ 5J.06001.001 lamp

Before changing the BenQ 5J.06001.001 lamp:

  • Reduce the risk of electrical shock by disconnecting the power cord on the MP612/MP612c projector.
  • Reduce the risk of severe burns by allowing the projector to cool for at least 45 minutes.

BenQ MP612/MP12c lamp cover off, BenQ 5J.06001.001

  • The lamp cover is found on the top of the projector. Using a coin, loosen the screw holding the BenQ MP612/MP612c lamp cover in place.
  • Remove the lamp cover and place it to one side.

BenQ MP612 no touch inside, BenQ 5J.06001.001

  • Be careful not to touch the inside of the projector where there is a shapr edge that can cut your fingers.

BenQ MP612 lamp screw, BenQ 5J.06001.001

BenQ MP612, BenQ 5J.06001.001

BenQ MP612 lamp in, BenQ 5J.06001.001

  • Lower the new BenQ 5J.06001.001 first into the connector on the BenQ MP612/MP612c projector and then align the two holes on the projector.
  • Tighten the screw on the lamp.

BenQ MP612 lamp cover on, BenQ 5J.06001.001

  • Re-install the BenQ MP612/MP612c  lamp cover and tighten the screw.
  • Reset the total lamp operation timer.

NOTE: The BenQ 5J.06001.001 lamp contains mercury and should not be thrown into regular garbage. Recycle your used lamps! If you bought from an authentic manufacturer they will recycle the lamp for you at no extra cost (another reason to buy authentic lamps).

Reset the lamp timer

It’s important to only reset the lamp timer when the BenQ 5J.06001.001 lamp has been replaced. Resetting the lamp timer without changing the BenQ 5J.06001.001 lamp can severely damage your BenQ MP612/MP612c projector.
BenQ MP612 reset lamp timer, BenQ 5J.06001.001

  • Scroll down to ADVANCED. Press Enter.
  • Scroll down to LAMP SETTINGS menu. Press ENTER.
  • The LAMP SETTINGS page displays. Highlight Reset Lamp Timer.
  • Warning message displays asking if you want to reset the lamp timer.
  • Highlight Reset and press ENTER.
  • The lamp time will be reset to ‘0’.

Do not reset if the lamp is not new or replaced as this could cause damage.

Extending the life of the BenQ 5J.06001.001 lamp:

  • Keep your air filters clean to avoid overheating the projector.
  • Use the Lamp Power option on the BenQ MP612/MP612c projector and set to Economic Mode to reduce the amount of power used but extend lamp life.
  • Learn more with Top tips for extending DLP projector lamp life



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