Samsung HL-R5067W 50" High Definition DLP TV

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The Samsung HLR5067W has a 50” (measured diagonally) widescreen and uses DLP technology. The use of DLP technology allows you to enjoy excellent display quality without the hazards of screen door effect or screen burn in. The set is just about 14” deep and weighs merely 78 pounds. This for a 50” set is quite commendable and makes the installation of the set very easy.


The display of the Samsung HL-R5067W gives sharp, bright and detailed TV and video pictures. The colors produced by the display engine are rich, deep and natural. The image quality is quite sharp and the movements appear smooth. Samsung on its part has packed in several features which give the user an even better viewing experience. For instance the Samsung DNIE technology is quite fantastic and gives a quite superior image quality. The set can also be attached to a PC very easily.


The set also has built in speakers attached inside the cabinet which gives a total power output of 30 watts for stereo as well as surround sound which offers the viewer pulsating sound along with the videos or movies. This system can also be attached to a home theatre system. The set is cable ready which includes a Cable Card slot. The cable card slot allows you to enjoy digital cable TV from a cable TV provider without the need of going in for additional set top boxes. Priced at somewhere around $1400 the Samsung HL-R5067W gives an excellent price to quality ratio compared to other 50” sets.

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