Samsung HLN5065W 50” HDTV-Ready Television

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The Samsung HLN5065W has a 50” screen and delivers amazing picture using the DLP technology. Picture inputs from the HD, DVD or the PC are excellent in quality. The SD signals though do not look all that great and it tends to show every flaw in the video or the picture which is given as an input. The native resolution of the set is 1280 X 720.


With the use of DLP technology you do not have to worry about screen a door or burn-in effect which is not the case in other technologies. The set uses a self replaceable lamp which is reported to have a life of about 10000 hours which should last you for about a couple of years depending upon the daily usage. The TV as such is never going to wear out. DLP TV’s even have better black levels than the LCD or plasma TV’s. Samsungs DNIE technology ensures richer, deeper colors and sharper, brighter images. Samsung also has equipped the TV with many other features which help to make a better viewing experience.


Even though the black levels are better than LCD and plasma, they are still way below the standard CRT’s. The optical noise given out by the set is another drawback. The Samsung HLN5065W is priced at $3500 and does provide good value for money. Taking the extended warranty is really not a bad option with this set.

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