Samsung HLP4663W 46” HDTV Television

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The Samsung HLP4663 is a 46” (diagonally measured) rear projection high definition TV using DLP technology. The wide screen TV gives a native resolution of 1280 X 720p at an aspect ratio of 16:9. The cabinet of the set has been fantastically designed to make it look elegant. The screen is surrounded by a thin bezel cabinet which is ultra light. The set weigh in at just 70 pounds which is very light in comparison. This helps installing the set an easy job. The depth of the set is a fraction more than 13” (13.3” to be precise) which almost makes it look like a flat screen TV.

Samsung has installed plenty of features in the set which give the user a better experience. Samsungs DNIE technology helps deliver richer and crisper images. The Digital Micro Mirror Device (DMD) generates very high definition video images. The set is utilized with a cable card slot which makes it cable ready so that viewer can watch cable TV without having to spend additional money on other set top boxes. The Samsung HLP4663 has a feature called the digital comb filter which can be used to eliminate any optical disturbances in the form of dot, lines etc.  

Two built in speakers have been placed into the cabinet which offer a total sound output of 30 Watts. The set also supports three languages such as English, French and Spanish.

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