JVC HD52Z575 52" HD-ILA Rear Projection TV

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The JVC HD52Z575 is 52” high definition rear projection TV using JVC’s D-ILA technology. The display offers a full native resolution of 1920 X 1080 with an aspect ratio of 16:9. This is the highest resolution offered by any TV set today. This makes the TV set applicable not only for high end home theatre applications but also in critical viewing areas like post production studios or screening rooms.


The depth of the set is just 16.2” which makes the installation very easy even in smaller spaces. The set weighs at around 83.5 pounds which is not all that bad. The set uses JVC’s D-ILA technology which uses a three chip design inculcated in a 0.7” device. This helps in providing the pictures having the highest brightness, contrast and resolution. The colors produced by the JVC’s optical engines are rich, bright and vivid. The noise reduction of the set is also very commendable.  A three line digital comb filter is used to eliminate the optical noise if any. The color gradation is extremely accurate and helps in bringing about the most natural colors.


The picture of the JVC HD52Z575 runs very smoothly even from an external source as the source media is very accurately reproduced. The pixilation effect is not observed in the JVC HD52Z575 as the pixels of the set are very close to each other. The set uses a self replaceable lamp which is said to have a life of around 8000 hours. This lamp normally will have to be replaced every 1 ½ – 2 years depending on your daily usage.


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