How to replace the ASK C105/C95 XGA projector lamp

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C105/C95 XGA warning message, ASK Proxima LAMP-031

Lamp replacement alarm

Follow our quick and easy step guide to installing a new ASK Proxima LAMP-031 projector lamp for your ASK DP-6150 projector.

Finding the correct lamp

C105/C95 XGA projector, ASK Proxima LAMP-031

C105/C95 XGA projector

Watch for the warning messages on the ASK C105/C95 XGA projector screen as well as the ALARM  on the projector light red. Either of these messages are indicators that the ASK Proxima LAMP-031 for your ASK C105/C95 XGA projector must be replaced immediately.

Buy genuine lamps

Be safe and get the best lamp for your ASK C105/C95 XGA projector. Buy an authentic lamp from an authorized dealer that guarantees the ASK Proxima LAMP-031 you are installing will work in harmony with your projector. These genuine ASK Proxima LAMP-026 lamps have been manufactured with the correct materials and are designed to work properly with the intricate components in your ASK C105/C95 XGA projector.
While the cheaper knock-off lamps sold at discount prices appear to be a smart bargain, they actually pose a danger to your health. Copy-cat manufacturers create these lamps are using toxic materials such as the cancer-causing compound Krypton 85 to get the same results since they don’t have access to the proper compounds. When these generic “compatible” lamps break or explode from overheating, anyone near the projector is exposed people to these toxic materials inside the lamp. Many generic lamps are also created without the proper safety device to protect your eyesight from UV light.Installing them also voids your projector warranty.
Protect your health and keep your projector warranty valid — buy an authentic ASK Proxima LAMP-026.

STEP 2: Replacing the ASK Proxima LAMP-031 projector lamp

IMPORTANT: Allow the ASK DP-6150 projector to fully cool down for at least one hour before replacing the ASK Proxima LAMP-031. These projectors operate under high heat and there is a seriousrisk of burning if the projector is not cooled enough.

C105/C95 XGA, ASK Proxima LAMP-031To install a new ASK Proxima LAMP-031 lamp:

  • Gently turn over the ASK DP-6150 projector to access the lamp cage.
  • Loosen the 3 screws holding the ASK Proxima LAMP-031 lamp in place.
  • Grab the handle on the ASK Proxima LAMP-031 lamp cage and gently lift out the lamp. Place to one side.
  • IMPORTANT: These lamps contain mercury and must go to a local recycling program for proper disposal. Don’t throw used ASK LAMP-026 lamps into regular garbage! C105/C95 XGA, ASK Proxima LAMP-031
  • Take the new ASK Proxima LAMP-031 lamp. Don’t touch the bare bulb since the oil on your finger will burn a black mark on the lamp when the projector is turn on.
  • Place the ASK Proxima LAMP-031 into the projector.
  • Tighten the three screws on the new ASK Proxima LAMP-031 lamp.
  • Be sure to clean the filter.
  • You are ready to reset the Lamptimer.


STEP 3: Resetting the Lamptimer

It’s important to reset the Lamptimer after replacing the ASK Proxima LAMP-031 in the ASK DP-6150 projector in order that the lamp life be accurately tracked and recorded. Failure to do so may result in the lamp being used longer than it’s lamp life.C105/C95 XGA, ASK Proxima LAMP-031

C105/C95 XGA lamp reset menu, ASK Proxima LAMP-031To reset the Lamptimer:

  • Open the MAIN MENU. Press ENTER.
  • Scroll down to the SERVICE menu. Press ENTER.
  • Scroll down to the Reset lamptimer option. Press ENTER.
  • The lamptimer icon will appear to show you have reset the timer.


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